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        Johnson International Co. provides a wide range of high quality hardwood and softwood products for the most discriminating furniture, cabinet, casework and millwork customers worldwide. Our products include logs, lumber, veneers, dimension parts, plywood, and millwork.

        William L. Johnson started the company in 1976 in Seattle, Washington, to serve customers throughout the western United States and is now succeeded by Lisa M. Johnson. Johnson International quickly expanded to export North American hardwoods to Pacific Rim customers. Today we serve customers around the world, filling their needs with wood products from many countries.

        Our business operations in the United States include Johnson International Industries, Inc. and Continental Hardwood Co. Additionally, we have manufacturing and distribution facilities in Kent, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

        Our multi-national, bi-lingual staff of knowledgeable and experienced people is dedicated to providing our customers the product expertise and personal service they desire. Product quality is extremely important to us. We employ field inspectors and buyers who travel extensively to assure that logging, cutting, grading and shipping are handled to meet the high standards of our customers. This assures each customer the product delivered is the best available.

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        20205 59TH PLACE SOUTH, KENT, WA USA 98032
        PH: (253) 479-9900 | FAX (253) 479-9663
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