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        Supply Mills
        Johnson Distribution Centers, Manufacturing Facilities & Log Yards

        Johnson International is a truly worldwide company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.. We buy, sell, and distribute forestry products from all over the world. In North America, Johnson International facilities consist of three West Coast distribution centers, two dimension plants and two Appalachian region log yards. Distribution warehouses in both Seoul, Korea and Guangzhou, China serve the needs of a variety of our Asian customers.

        Through our extensive network of supply mills we can offer many different species of American, European and Tropical Hardwoods. In addition, we can also supply you with a wide variety of softwood logs, lumber and dimension products. Whether you need the finest Hard Maple of North America, Brazilian Purple Heart or European Beech, Johnson International is your one source for quality, reliability and service, for these and many other species from around the world.

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        20205 59TH PLACE SOUTH, KENT, WA USA 98032
        PH: (253) 479-9900 | FAX (253) 479-9663
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